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How to Apply Eye-Shadow For Quick Make Over

sexy eyes

For quick makeup, apply only one medium-bright base colour.

Apply a base shade on entire movable eye-lid.

Add more in the crease and blend it upward upto about halfway towards the eyebrows.

For more effect, you can also add a thin line under the lower lashes.

More Polished look

For a more bold and polished look, use two colour eyeshadows in light and dark shades.

First put the dark shade on the outer corner of the eye applying in a horizontal “V” shape.

Add more dark shade in the crease.

Now apply the light shade to highlight the inner corner of the eye, under the eyebrows and right above the iris.

Graceful Evening Makeup

For evening party makeup, you can use up to four colours of eyeshadow.

First apply base colour on the upper eyelid. Don’t bring it close to the nose or way up to the eyebrows s it might look stupid.

Apply contour colour along the lashes and in the crease. Add more colour to the outside corner of your eyes, connecting together the lines along the lashes and in the crease.

Now, apply highlight colour in the area under the brow and in the inside corner of your eye.

Lastly apply accent colour on the moving lid right above your iris.

sexy eyes