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Get Fair And Glowing Complexion

Seven Working Tips

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Receipe 1

Lemon juice, turmeric, honey etc, all are natural bleach. They remove tan and make your skin fairer.

Receipe 2

Cucumber juice can also be applied on dry as well as oily skin to get fair complexion. Only 1/2 to 1 teaspoon is sufficient for a single application.

Receipe 3

Mix equal quantities of (1) lemon juice and honey (if skin is dry) OR (2) lemon and cucumber juice and apply it on the face and body. Leave it for about 15 minutes and wash off.

Receipe 4

Apply a paste of gram flour , milk (2 teaspoon) and lime juice(3-4 drops) on face and neck for 15 minutes and wash with water. Your complexion should be improved in about 15 days. Apply grated white radish or its juice for fairer complexion.

Receipe 5

Make a paste of honey, milk, yogurt, and ground sesame seeds in equal proportions and apply on face and whole body.

Receipe 6

Apply a mixture of 3-4 drops of lime juice and a grated tomato on face and neck for 15 minutes for 15 days. Wash with cold water.

Receipe 7

Mix honey with equal amount of almond oil. Apply on the face every night.

fair girl