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French Manicure - How To

french manicure

A French manicure is a style of polishing the nails wherein white paint is applied to the tips of the fingernails, and the rest of the nails are given a pink coat or painted with sheer polish that is colored either pale pink or very light beige. The French manicure is very good for short nails and nails that have a moderate length.

Go and shop beauty stores for - 1. base/top coat, 2. tip guide strips, 3. neutral polish and 4. white polish. You can also find complete kit which are available in stores.

Before you start giving your nails a French manicure, clean, clip, trim and shape nails. Wash and dry your hands.

Apply a base coat to your nails. Keep it thin and even. Let it dry.

Peel off guide strip and fix it below the tip of nail. This is supposed to cover the lower part of your nail to allow you to paint an even white tip with ease. If your nails are longer, white tip should be longer too.

Next apply white nail polish to the exposed tips of your fingernails and let it dry.

Remove all the guide stripes. If there is any leftover adhesive clean it carefully and gently not disturbing white paint.

Apply a coat of neutral polish. Let it dry and re-coat it. Now finish it with thin layer of base or top coat.

To extend the life of your French manicure apply top coat on your nails every night.