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Cure for Hair Loss

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For both men and women, having a full head of healthily growing hair is an essential key to having a good self-image. We spend so much money on products that will ensure that our hair is healthy, glossy and full of life, products such as shampoos, conditioners, styling aids, and so many others. A great many of us also go to salons on a regular basis to keep our manes as beautiful as possible.

The condition of the hair is so important that it can actually boost our self-confidence or aid to its collapse. So when the hair is lost, it can cause so much trauma and uncertainty on the person experiencing the hair loss.

We should take note that it is perfectly alright to lose around 50 to 100 hair strands a day. Our hair grows to a certain length for a certain time before our scalp sheds it to lead to the growth of new hair. Sometimes, it looks like we are losing more than 100 strands a day, but that could be because hair previously shed got tangled with the other strands and only got freed with the shampooing or the brushing.

When you go to a hair restoration clinic, you can expect the doctor to advise you to take medication first to treat your hair loss. Or, he or she could diagnose that your hair loss may be the result of another underlying illness, and he or she will look for symptoms of such illnesses in your body. Anyway, if the doctor tells you to take medication first, he or she will either prescribe to you the drugs Propecia or Rogaine.

One common drug is Finasteride. Remember, Women are usually Not prescribed to take finasteride, because it can result to birth defects on male babies.

Another one is minoxidil. It is applied topically on the scalp. Just like finasteride, the effects of minoxidil last only as long as the drug is used.

If you wish to undergo hair transplantation surgery, your attending doctor will have to determine if you are a candidate for such a procedure, because not everyone can go through this kind of treatment. But if you do proceed through the surgery, what the doctor will do is to graft individual hair strands onto your scalp, imitating the natural growth pattern of your hair as closely as possible.

For people who do not wish to spend so much money on surgical procedures or on medicine that may or may not work, there is always alternative medicine like acupuncture. Some experts claim that acupuncture works in encouraging hair to grow back onto the scalp. What acupuncture does is to stimulate nerve endings on the scalp and improve the circulation of blood to the scalp. With increased circulation, more nutrients are brought to the scalp, encouraging new cells to develop in the hair follicles. The blood flow also enables the quicker repair and replacement of damaged cells.

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