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Hide Heavy Thighs And Make your Legs Look Shapely


Mood to wear Hot shorts or mini skirts this summer but fearing of your heavy thighs? Don't worry. Follow these tips to hide the appearance of your heavy thighs.

And give a look of visibly thinner and sexier thighs and legs.

1. Tanned legs always look thinner. So if you like tan, tan up your legs to give a thinner look. Even a hint of a faux tan is sufficient to make thighs look slimmer. Moisturize well for smooth, sleek thighs.

2. Select heels of a nude colour (skin color) and / or heels without ankle straps. This will add inches to your sexy legs and so legs will look thinner.

3. Select your mini skirt or shorts which cover the widest part of your thighs. Also you can check a sit-down and bend-over test to avoid overexposure.

4. Go for loose, cuffed shorts. These significantly make your legs look thinner. .

5. Choose loose tops and / or oversized accessories. It diverts the heaviness vision from thighs to them.

6. Wear heels or wedges to show off toned calves.

7. Wear A line skirts or full skirts / dresses as they always work to hide large thighs.