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How To Look Taller Than You Are

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Women are considered "petite" if they are 5'4" or shorter. Though many women and men too enjoy a shorter height. But for many, we repeat- many, other If you have ever wished to look taller, go for the tips below to look taller than you are -

1. Vertical Stripes Clothes

Wear vertical stripes and lines. This is a foolproof solution to make you look taller than ou are. Doesn't matter what you wear, whether it is skirt, pants, dress, mini and also whatever style you are wearing like pleats, patterns or plain old stripes, you'll love the appearance of added height.

Vertical Stripes elongate your body and gives you a a slimmer, trimmer appearance.

2. Vertical Stripes Like Elements

Try button-down shirts and sweaters, zip-front apparel and racing stripes. Get a little glamorous by wearing skirts with slit, anywhere front, back or side. Go for pinstripes prints also. Have sport beads, embroidery or pattern or print with vertical stripes-like design, corduroy stitched in vertical way and any number of creative customizations in a vertical format.

3. V - Neck

Wear a v-neck shirt or sweater to get look taller. The v-neck gives an illusion of a longer torso.

4. Heels

High heels are the only fashion accessories that physically do make us taller. According to your outfit, choose what suits like pencil heels, stiletto heels or wedge heels or boots with heels etc.

5. Accessories

Wear accessories that add height to your image. These are dangling earrings and long pendants, long beads necklace, silky scarves worn in longer appearance give a really good boost to your height.

asian girl