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Look Great And Gorgeous Even At Forty

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As the life begins at 40, you might be feeling that your face may no longer glow with youth like it did when you were still in your twenties, and your body may no longer be as supple as it used to be producing some sags and bulges where none used to be.

But the fact is that a woman in her 40s is as much interesting like a woman in her twenties. Also she is more seasoned, poised, confident and wise at this age.

As you settle into your 40s, there are a few things you should start avoiding.

Tip 1

The first step to looking fabulous at 40 is accepting that you are no longer young and that you cannot turn back the time. Face it and let yourself age gracefully.

Tip 2

A mini-skirt is one of them. Sure, your legs may still look great. Legs always look great because they are among the parts of our body that age the slowest, but there is nothing sadder to look at than a woman in her 40s wearing those short skirts. Also, try to stay clear of baggy clothes, and instead opt for clothes that would flatter your body's shape, despite the thickening and the sags.

Tip 3

Change your hairstyle to something short. Our hair begins to thin as we age, and keeping your hair short gives it a lift and body.

Tip 4

Lighten up and wear lighter colors near your face. Soft colors, like white, beige and the pastels bring light to your face and lend a glow to it.

Tip 4

Begin wearing collars that hide the wrinkles of your neck and bring attention to your face. A turned-up or a stand-up collar perhaps, or a turtleneck, will do the trick.

Tip 5

Bring attention to your legs. Mini-skirts are a no-no, but you can achieve this nonetheless by wearing nice, knee-length skirts with pretty shoes. Emulate the styles of Hollywood women who are in their 40s yet still look fabulous.

Life does begin at 40. You may not be young anymore, but you have the poise, the style, the grace and the confidence lacking from women in their 20s. At 40, the best is yet to come and you still have a long way to go

japanese girl