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Reduce Heavy Thighs


Did you noticed recently that your skinny jeans is not going over your thighs comfortably like before? Have you gone up one size? Well do not worry. Below are few very effective and easy to do exercise that will start reducing your heavy thighs to a beautiful shape in a few days. yes, believe us and try these exercies -

Butt Bridge

This is perhaps the most powerful and effective exercise to get rid of Thighs and buttocks fat. Results of this exercise are amazing.

  1. Lie straight on your back on floor with your knees bent and pointing up to the ceiling and your arms spread at your sides.
  2. Raise your pelvis up toward the ceiling where your body will be at about a 45 degree angle relative to the floor.
  3. Finally be sure to really flex your butt for a one-count.
  4. Return to the start position and repeat.
  5. Do it for a 3 to 4 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions.


1. Long Jumps

This exercise is perfect for firming and toning your thighs. This is very easy to do and only requires 5 minutes.

What you have to do is jump as far as you can about 3 times a minute for a total of 5 minutes. So it'll be 15 jumps total.

The key to this is that you have to effort to jump as far as you can. You can also swing your arms while jumping forward to add more distance as athletes do.

Do it at least 5 days a week.

2. Long Jump

This exercise will make your thighs look hot a lot quicker than jogging.

you have to jump as high as you can and as quicker as you can in 90 seconds. Do it continuously one after another for 90 seconds.

This gives them a cardio-effect. You will notice difference in size of your thighs within 8-10 days.