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How To Wear Dress in Flattering Way



If you don't want to look hot or provocative, wear a dress that is knee-length or slightly below the knee. A dress higher than knee will look provocative and hot and may not be suitable for any occassion.


Choose a plain and solid-colored dress or one with a normal or conservative pattern. Nice colors for dress are pastel shades, black, white, neutrals, grays, blues. A very brightly colored dress or an too much bold coloured pattern might not be good for formal look.


Take care of top half of the dress while shopping. Generally most of the pretty dresses expose too much of your chest area or they have halter tops. So, such dresses may be great for a summer party or fun time but they are definitely inappropriate for the office or formal occassions.

Though you can wear jacket, camisole and the shrug if your dress is exposing chest area.


Too much jewelry often distract the eye from the main concern, you, or your dress too. Keep jewelry to a minimum. Too much jewelry with a dress also make you look more or less odd. Select a delicate pair of earrings and not too large.


Keep your shoes simple and not flashy. Heels are always top choice. They make you look taller, producing long, elegant lines and also enhance the shape of your legs. Never wear clunky, block-heeled shoes. You can try a pair of pumps, whether closed-toed or strappy sandals, flats, peep-toes, pointy-toes, closed-toes. Don't go for sandals, athletic shoes, or special occasion shoes.


Remember, you look more feminine in a dress than in pants and shirt. It also hide more flaws of your body figure. Dresses based on waist-line or line raised above the waist are great choices for most body types because they create more attractive and flattering feminine proportions. Shirt-dresses are also a workable option. Look for a dress that fits your body well.

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