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Make-up Colors-How To Choose For Your Skin Colour

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The important thing is that the colors of your makeup should complement the colors of your eyes and skin tones. There are colors that look great on women with darker skin tones but look horrible when used by a woman with fairer skin.

Below are points to follow while choosing colours of your make over :

Eye makeup

Before applying any colour, you should put a neutral base, either taupe, beige, light brown or ivory over the lid as a base. After the base is in place, accent color using shadows and eyeliners should then be applied to define the eyes. The accent color should match or be complementary to the color of your eyes. Afterwards, cap your eye makeup with mascara.

For women with blue eyes, blues and slate grays are good accent colors, while medium brown is the perfect shade for the mascara.

For women with green eyes, greens and plums for accent colors and plum for the mascara.

For women with brown eyes, greens, bronzes and golds for accent colors, while blue for the mascara.

Lip colors

The best lipstick to use for your lips depends also on the tone of our skin. Also colour vary for daytime use and for nighttime.

To further define the lips, apply a lip liner that matches the color of your lipstick. Use a lip brush instead of applying the lipstick directly on the lips. This would keep the lipstick from smearing and the color from bleeding as well.

For Fair-skinned women, prefer pinks, peaches and mauves lipsticks.

For Olive skinned women, lipsticks with gold, pink with a touch of gold, peach and light to medium brown complement best.

For Dark-skinned women, prefer lipsticks shaded bronze, medium browns, brick browns, berries and burgundy.


Moderation is the key to the perfect application of blushers to the cheeks. Blushers are to give your face a natural healthy color and too much can look vey awkward. For blusher too skin tone should be taken into consideration.

For Fair skinned women, Bronze, light beige and peach blushers are good. Avoid blushers with too much red or orange.

For Olive skinned Women, prefer bronze, apricot and light pink.

For Medium Brown skinned Women, stick to medium pink, peach and light copper.

For Dark skinned women, berries and burnt orange are perfect.

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