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Shoes Suitable With Short Skirts


The first rule for shoes with short skirts is "Footwear should be minimal".

Best options are sandals, ballet flats, sneakers and anklets. These are a good choice for micro mini skirts and they gives a carefree and sporty look

Heels give a longer-legged look and also give more sophisticated look.

Boots usually pair up well with mini skirts.

Try to avoid heels or boots with micro mini skirts at public places as this might look "Too much" giving wrong impression or idea about you. Wear them only at a high-profile parties and with grace and proper tops.

To avoid an "inappropriate" look when pairing a mini skirt with heels, tone down the rest of the outfit by wearing a girlish top, keeping makeup natural, or choosing the right accessories.

Try wedge sandals. If you are at a nightclub, shorter, one to two inch heels would be appropriate and look sexy without sacrificing class

For a more girlish look, wear flat shoes or flip flops with your mini skirt.

Try to avoid wearing shoes that are too dainty or delicate, as these will make your legs look larger.

Pointed flat shoes look fabulous with mini skirts too.

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