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How To Wear Skirts in Flattering Way

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Wearing skirt with some caring tips can improve your appearance significantly.

Try the following tips with the skirts you have and fell the dramatic change in your appearance.

1. For formal look, one of the most flattering style in skirt is get tailored a pencil skirt and wear it with a feminine top and a blazer on it

2. For casual look, wear denim skirt with long sleeved layerd tops.

3. Wear a short skirt with a classic sweater. Choose flat footwear at daytime because high heels on short skirt will look 'Too Much'.

4. Wear printed, or patterned printed A-line skirt. Wear it with a feminine top preferably of silk fabric.

5. Wear a knee length free flowing flared skirt with a hot top that exposes your shoulders sufficiently. Optionally you can also put a fitted cardigan.

6. Wear in vogue boots with any skirt as it gives a great look.

7. Wear black miniskirt with black long socks that reaches just one inch below of the hemline of skirt and so exposing only about one inch of your thighs skin. You can also wear high black boots.

asian girl