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Palsna Ranjitkar from Kathmandu, Nepal

Palsna, a girl with very fresh smile is from Kathmandu, Nepal. She was looking cute in a red cotton top with neck tied at front. There was self patterned print at upper chest area and fine lace at upper sleeves was looking great. She purchased it from Bossini for NRs. 900/- (US $ 12.50 app.)

fashion of sneha   fashion of sneha

Her lower was a black capri of comfort fit. It was a gift from her sister in India. Her footwear were really great with three goldern wide parallel stripes. It was a great choice of Palsna. She got it from India for Indian Rs. 1000/- (US $ 23.00 app.)

fashion of sneha   fashion of sneha

She was carrying a very attractive bag red from outside with large black pocket on each sides and it was having a floral print from inside but in such a way so that it was seen to everyone. The style, print and colour everything was great in case of this lovely bag. She got this unique bag for NRs. 1250/- (US $ 18.00)