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Swikriti from Kathmandu, Nepal

in a gorgeous black combined outfit

Swikriti from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, was looking really cute in her black outfit. She was wearing a black net top with sleeves transparent by a patterned design. She purchased it from Levi's for NRs. 1000/- (US$ 14 app.).

Her outfit was completed with a smart, comfort-fit black shorts to the length about six to eight fingers above knees. She purchased it for NRs. 1500/- (US $ 22 app.) from Kathmandu.

fashion of Swikriti   fashion of Swikriti

fashion of Swikriti   fashion of Swikriti

Her footwear was a camel coloured flat shoes with a white patterned grid on a same colour leather belt on it. It was gifted by her sister so she could not tell the price of this beautiful footwear.

She was carrying a bag too which she purchased from Bangalore, India for Indian Rs. 2700 (US 60 app.)