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3M - Miniskirt, Mobile, Motorbike in Schools of Pokhara

There was a 'modification' in school uniform by girls of schools and colleges in Pokhara in past years by making hemline ot their skirts high to 'eye-stopping limit'. Cute and pretty girls of Pokhara know well that they look more cute in short skirt.

Due to 'cut-throat' competition among schools and colleges in Nepal, school management were also closing their eyes toward this trend, to attract students in their college. They knew well that tight disciplinary actions may reduce the number new admission in their school in next academic year.

Also another reason found was that the reputed schools put 'Admission Closed' board sooner as all seats of their school get full quicker in just a few days after admission starts in Pokhara. And in order to catch the remaining students, many other schools made miniskirt compulsory for gilrs to attract boys and also to attract the girls who love short clothes. The result was positive and so many schools jumped in this 'trick'.

After a few years, the Higher Secondary School Association Nepal (HISAN) put a pressure on about 25 such schools to ban 3M - Miniskirt, mobile and motorbike in schools premises. After a systematic pressure almost all those schools banned 3M - Miniskirt, Mobile phone and Motorbike in school. But girls of Pokhara were not found interested to get their skirt reach down to their knees. Miniskirt were seen almost as it were before the ban.


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