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Rumours about Bill Gates Daughter

Recently there was rumour about some pics of Bill Gates' daughter. Different websites were producing the pics we have given below saying that she is daughter of Bill Gates named Jennifer Katharine Gates.

But this is rumour only. This girl is not daughter of Bill Gates.

Though the name of one of the Bill Gates' daughters is Jennifer Katharine Gates, but these pics are not of her.

Bill Gates has three children - 1. Jennifer Katharine Gates, daughter born in 1996, 2. Rory John Gates, son born in 1999, 3. Phoebe Adelle Gates, daughter born in 2002.

So even if these pictures are of Katharine, then today she would be of 15 years old and these pictures does not look like of a girl aged just 15.

Now there are several website telling this truth.

Images below are taken from various sources on internet

bill gates daughter   Bill Gates daughter

Bill Gates daughter   bill gates daughter