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Bipasha Basu - Pierce Navel

Bipasha Basu

Since she was sixteen, Bipasha Basu nursed a desire to get her belly pierced.

However, she was always too scared to do it because of the pain. Now, she has finally gotten over her fear and got the tummy piercing done last weekend.

Bipasha confirms, "Yes, I got my navel pierced. I was really scared.

She continued, "I got it done at Aalim's place. This guy from Al's who did it, I had gone to him about 11 years back but got so scared that I ran away out of fear.

This time, for the last two days, I was trying to chicken out but my friend Deanne (Pandey) and my sisters dragged me there.

They think a navel jewel will look fab on me. But in the process of doing it, I actually passed out! I have been scared of injections since childhood, but I think I will get over my fear after this."

We will have to wait a while before we get to see Bips' sexy tummy piercing, because it is still just healing.

Bipasha Basu