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Nidhi Subbaiah - A Young Indian Film Actress

Likes short dresses

For Nidhi Subbaiah, a famous Indian film actress, loves short and sexy dresses as her favourite style.

Likes Her Legs Bare

Nidhs says,"I am very comfortable showing my legs. This is because I think that they are very toned. This is why I am most comfortable dressing in either short dresses or ripped denim skirts. I usually team these up with high heels or boots."

Nidhi doesn't like the outfits which she has to wear during movie shooting. She adds, "Some of these clothes are so horrendous that you wouldnt even dream of wearing it in real life. But, an actors got to do what shes asked to. If you catch me at home, Id still be wearing nice tracks and a tee. Im almost never badly dressed."

Inspired by Priyanka Chopra

Answering a question that does she follow any style icon, she replied, "Im a complete fan of Priyanka Chopra. I like how she is partial to her short outfits and high heels. Since these are close to my style statements, I see a sense of familiarity in the way she dresses. I wish I had the guts to dress up the way Sonam Kapoor does. Maybe someday, I will."

As afar as men are concerened, she likes rugged look of a cow boy on men as first preference. She added, "Since I am more of a sailor girl, who likes the wilderness, the brash masculine look turns me on totally."

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